stage should you hire an interior designer

At what stage should you hire an interior designer

Discovering the ideal stage to hire an interior designer is essential for ensuring your project progresses seamlessly from planning to execution, benefitting from expert guidance. By examining the case study of the “Kisii Project,” we can pinpoint the optimal timing to involve professionals, ensuring a well-coordinated and successful outcome.

Video Courtesy: Kijana Msafi Interiors

3D Rendering: Visualizing the Future

At this stage, 3D rendering becomes invaluable. It offers a realistic preview of the final product. This is also the perfect time to bring an interior designer on board.

Kisii project 3d rendering interior design

3D rendering of the Kisii Project, showcasing the envisioned design.

Groundbreaking: The Beginning

The Kisii Project, a heartfelt gift from a loving client to their parents, started with groundbreaking. This crucial first step sets the stage for everything that follows.

Images: Groundbreaking ceremony, marking the start of construction.

Foundation and Framing

As the foundation is laid and the framing goes up, the dream starts to take shape. This is the skeleton of the future home, providing a glimpse of what’s to come.

Interior Design: Why Now?

Hiring an interior designer early ensures that the interiors match the vision from the start. They help choose colors, materials, and layouts that enhance the space. Their expertise ensures functionality and aesthetics blend seamlessly.

Bringing Ideas to Life

With the groundwork taking shape, attention turns to the exterior. Here, the designer’s plan comes to life, where every detail matters.

The Kisii Project in its semi-final stages of construction, showing the exterior progress.

A Dream Realized

As the project nears completion, final touches are added. This includes furnishings, decorations, and personalized elements that make the house a home.

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Continuing the Journey

The Kisii Project stands as a testament to love and meticulous planning. From groundbreaking to final touches, every step is crucial. Hiring an interior designer at the right stage ensures the journey is smooth and the outcome spectacular.

Remember, the best time to hire an interior designer is during the planning phase, right when you can visualize your dream through 3D renderings. This ensures a cohesive and beautiful home, just like the Kisii Project.

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